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Enrichment Program

For more information on any of these services please call 1.800.539.4228

The Enrichment Program offers both facility (Enrichment and Step-Up psychosocial rehabilitation and adult day training) and community (Supported Employment and Service Contract) based rehabilitation programs serving individuals with disabling conditions and the business community.

Participants are eligible to move freely through the continuum of services offered by the Enrichment Program as their needs/employment desires change as long as they meet eligibility requirements.  Participants may choose their frequency of participation based on their needs, choice and funding source approval.  Participants may be discharged if they desire to discontinue services; if their funding source discontinues funding of services; if the individual has successfully completed rehabilitation goals and has reached their highest level of independent functioning and there is reasonable expectation that the withdrawal of services will not result in loss of rehabilitation gains attained by the individual; or if the individual has successfully achieved rehabilitation goals and sustained them for a period of time as designated in the rehabilitation plan.  Participants are eligible for continued stay in the program if there is reasonable expectation that withdrawal of services will result in a loss of rehabilitation gains attained and their funding source approves services.

Enrichment and Step-Up

provide services designed to assist adults with severe and persistent mental illness, developmental disabilities, substance abuse/dependency, and/or co-occurring disabling conditions learn, regain or increase skills that will enable them to live and work more fully in the community of their choice. Participants have a self-directed treatment plan and choose groups (e.g., pre-vocational skills, social skills, Money Smarts, basic education, community education, coping skills/peer support, computer skills, Job Club/Job Readiness, or exercise/fitness) to fit their treatment objectives and preferences.  In addition, group and individual therapy with licensed therapist is available.  Individuals participating in the pre-vocational training group are paid on a piece rate system (paid for completed pieces).  There are no production quotas of participants of the pre-vocational training group.  All individuals are paid in accordance with State and Federal Department of Labor laws.  Individuals are referred to this program by Stewart-Marchman-Act Behavioral Healthcare Case Management, Agency for Persons with Disabilities Support Coordinator, Vocational Rehabilitation, private physicians/psychiatrists, private case management agencies, family/care provider, or through self-referral. 

Supported Employment

provides services designed to assist adults with disabling conditions to obtain independent community employment.  Individuals participating are provided pre-employment counseling, job development, job placement, on-the-job training and 90 days of follow-along job support services.  Participants have a self-directed individual employment plan specific to their individualized strengths, needs, abilities, preferences, inputs and approval.  Individuals are referred to this program by Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, other programs within SMA, Flagler County Schools, Agency for Persons with Disabilities, private physicians/psychiatrists, other community agencies, family/care provider or through self-referral.

For more information on any of these services please call 1.800.539.4228